Mature woodland at St Paul's Walden Bury

With nearly a quarter of its area, 500 acres, of land down as woodland, the St Paul's Walden Estate is an example of a truely mixed country estate.

There are a mixture of species, predominantly deciduous broadleaf hardwoods such as oaks, beech and hornbeam, interspersed with some softwoods. Part of the woodland is coppiced each year to provide a good mix of young and old trees which enhances the types of habitat available and increases the number and variety of wildlife that can be sustained. 

Hitch wood is a popular bluebell wood which receives many visitors in the spring. A permissive footpath guides visitors through the woods. Please stick to the way-marked path.

Each year, a small proportion of the oak is harvested to produce sustainable and very beautiful material for building and craftwork.

We allow local schools to use the woods for Forest School activities.

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